Super Bass 7250HM
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Fender Super Bass 7250HM
Nickelplated Steel

Artikelgroep: Basgitaar
Super Bass Series

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Stick with what works! If you have a Fender Bass with a string-through bridge, then these are the strings for you! That's because Super 7250s are installed on all U.S. and Mexico Basses with string-through bridges. Keep your sound factory fresh with Super Bass 7250s.
String# inches mm
1 .050 1.270
2 .070 1.778
3 .085 2.159
4 .105 2.667

Fender Super Bass Series
Super Bass 7250HM 050-070-085-105 17.85 Bestel
Super Bass 7250ML 045-065-080-100 18.60 Bestel
Super Bass 7250L 040-060-080-100 18.60 Bestel
Super Bass 7250M 045-065-085-105 18.60 Bestel
Super Bass 72505L 040-060-080-100-115 22.50 Bestel
Super Bass 72505M 045-065-085-105-125 22.50 Bestel
Super Bass 72506M 030-045-065-085-105-130 25.60 Bestel

Fender Bass guitar Series
Fender Flatwound (6)
Fender Nylon Tapewound (1)
Fender Original Bass (4)
Fender Stainless Bass (4)
Fender Super 5250's (2)
Fender Super 8250 (2)
Fender Super Bass (7)

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